Poking and Pain Relief: The Point of Acupuncture

As a pet owner, you probably don’t want to see another sharp needle anywhere near your beloved companion—and your pet is likely thinking the same thing. But, needles don’t always cause pain. Sometimes they’re used to actually relieve pain and discomfort. Here’s a look at how acupuncture—with it’s tiny needles—can help alleviate pain in arthritic [...]

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The Guide to Immunizations for Your Pet

An appropriate vaccination protocol plays an important role in your pet’s long-term wellness. Vaccines contain small particles of the disease they should protect against, and work by stimulating the immune system to recognize the disease particles as a threat. Once the immune system mounts a disease response, it will remember this threat and be prepared [...]

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How the Pay It Paw-ward Loyalty Rewards Club Benefits Your Pet

We believe you should be rewarded for providing top-notch care for your pet, and we are excited to introduce our Pay It Paw-ward loyalty rewards club, which rewards our treasured clients for choosing our clinic for their pet’s health and wellness care. Our program helps ensure your pet receives well-deserved love, attention, and care, as [...]

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Preventing Parasite Infestations: Keeping Fleas and Ticks Off Your Pet

Australia claims the top spot on the “Countries with the Most Dangerous Animals” list. Included among all our deadly creatures are fleas and ticks, which cause a variety of potentially life-threatening diseases. Do you know how to keep yourself and your pet safe from these blood-sucking parasites? Fleas In Australia, fleas do not transmit diseases [...]

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