Rabbit owners are urged to take precautions to protect their pets. A new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease is being released and can be spread very easily by direct contact (bunny-to-bunny) or indirect contact via insects.

Click here for the full Media Release: ‘Reminder for Pet Rabbit Owners’ from the Department of Agriculture and Food

Thankfully there is a vaccination available! We recommend 6 monthly boosters for your pet rabbit, even if they are indoor only, because it is so contagious. Our rabbit vaccinations cost $78 and include a full health check of your bunny, including teeth, nails, ears and eyes. This health check also gives you the opportunity to discuss your rabbit’s general health, diet, housing and when your bunny is due for sterilisation.

Dr Lucy is passionate about rabbit health care and is always excited to meet new bunnies! Call the clinic on 99643 671 to make your appointment now!