Please be advised of the new equine appointment booking and payment policy effective March 1st 2016.

Click here to print the new Consent Form

Click here to print the new Equine Policy

Equine Consent Form

  • Due to a number of miscommunications between equine owners and trainers, Midwest Veterinary Centre will now require all equine and external clients to complete an Equine Consent Form prior to any further services being provided.
  • This consent form is to ensure all work requested and performed by Midwest Veterinary Centre is authorized by the owner of the animal who will ultimately be liable for any costs incurred.We have recently experienced several issues with trainers requesting work that has not been authorised by the owner and unfortunately we are unable to communicate this between the two parties.
  • Please acknowledge that this form must be filled out, signed and returned to Midwest Veterinary Centre before any further work is provided.
Please understand that we endeavour to meet the needs of our clients and patients by providing our services when requested, however it is not our duty to liaise between all parties as to who is/is not authorised to request these services.

Equine Payment Policy
As you can appreciate it is very costly running a Veterinary Practice, we aim to give your animals the very best of care and to provide this service it involves the purchase of high tech and expensive equipment such as x-ray machines, ultrasounds, blood diagnostic machinery and surgical equipment, not to mention the rent of a premises, vehicles and lastly a large team of veterinary professionals. None of the above is affordable without the timely payment of your pets account.

  • All equine payment terms are strictly 14 days, any overdue accounts will be deducted from the nominated credit card stated on the consent form and unsuccessful deductions will incur collection fees.
  • Your privacy is important to us, all consent forms are secured in a lockable safe at all times.
  • Accounts with repeat over dues will now require pre-payment at the time of booking before our services are provided.

If you have any further queries or would like to discuss, please contact our Practice Manager on 0899643671.

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to continually providing you all with the latest and greatest in animal care.