Heat Stroke In Dogs

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here…

Summer is has hit and as we crank up that air con it’s important to remember that our pets are feeling the heat too.  Heat stroke is a very serious but preventable condition, so grab a cool drink and read on for some hot facts and tips to help your furry friends this summer. The […]

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Dora’s Big Dental Day

Every year Dora the Clinic Cat has her yearly dental check with one of our Vet Nurses. This is to check the health of her teeth and gums, and to see if she requires a professional scale and polish under anaesthetic. Just like with any anaesthetic procedure, Dora had to be fasted for 12 hours prior. […]

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Dx Upgrades

Diagnostic Equipment Upgrades

We’ve been very busy in the clinic over the last couple of months upgrading some of our diagnostic equipment. Call us nerds, but we are super excited to share these new tech toys with you and your pets. At Midwest Vets we think it’s really important to keep up with the times and regularly update […]

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Our New Cat Ward

Introducing Our New Cat Ward!

      The Cat Advocates in our team have taken over the back room and have introduced some awesome new Cat Friendly changes to Midwest Veterinary Centre. In the interests of reducing stress for our cat (and dog!) patients, we have created a separate Cat-Only ward. Follow our photo journey below of the exciting process. […]

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Speak Dog & Cat

How to Speak Dog & Cat – Public Seminar presented by Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services

Midwest Vet Centre are proud to invite Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services to Geraldton, to be able to present this topic to our community. Does your dog: – Bark excessively for no obvious reason? – Act aggressively towards other animals? – Destroy their bed or other items? – Lick, spin or chase their tail excessively? Is […]

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