4CYTE – A Testimonial

“Within one week I was able to take my dog off the previous medication altogether as the 4cyte had stopped her limping” 4CYTE™  is a unique advancement in joint health containing Epiitalis®  a plant oil extract patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells (a normal physiological function when joints are healthy). Scientifically developed. A leap forward [...]

Big bones, little bones, cooked bones, raw bones, neck bones, leg bones… never really funny bones.

Meet Sage, Sage is a 2 year old bull terrier.  Sage is quite naughty and likes to eat things she shouldn’t (such as a whole deer hide rug).  However on this occasion she was fed a large raw marrow bone, and in her rush to eat it she managed to swallow all of the joint [...]

Does your cat have Hyperthyroidism?

Is your feline friend behaving oddly? No longer grooming? Drinking like there’s no tomorrow? Constantly pestering you for food but losing weight?  If so then your cat may be suffering from hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a relatively common condition of the older cat (ages 7 upwards). As the word may suggest this condition occurs when the [...]

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