4CYTE – A Testimonial

“Within one week I was able to take my dog off the previous medication altogether as the 4cyte had stopped her limping” 4CYTE™  is a unique advancement in joint health containing Epiitalis®  a plant oil extract patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells (a normal physiological function when joints are healthy). Scientifically developed. A leap forward [...]

2016 Delicious Dental Deal

GIVE YOUR MATE SOMETHING TO DROOL OVER THIS AUTUMN WITH THIS DELICIOUS DENTAL DEAL! This March and April at Midwest Vet Centre, our dental deal is super delicious. So delicious that your furry mate will be drooling over all the goodies included! When was the last time your pet had their teeth cleaned? We wouldn’t [...]

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Attention All Equine Clients – New Policy Effective 1st March 2016

Please be advised of the new equine appointment booking and payment policy effective March 1st 2016. Click here to print the new Consent Form Click here to print the new Equine Policy Equine Consent Form Due to a number of miscommunications between equine owners and trainers, Midwest Veterinary Centre will now require all equine and [...]

Come. Sit. Stay. Play at Midwest Vet’s Puppy Preschool!

** Puppy chewing up your shoes? ** Tearing the yard apart? ** Not social around others? Prevent these problems and promote a healthy, happy puppy. Midwest Vet Centre are here to help with our 5 week interactive Puppy Preschool. Our classes are safe, educational and fun and will help give your new furry family member [...]

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“B E W A R E of the Sea-Hare!!” by Ebony M. & Dr Peter Taylor

Recently one of our Midwest Vet Centre team members bought to our attention that the extremely dangerous slug-like ‘Sea Hares; also known as Aplysia have been sighted at one of Geraldton’s local family beaches – Back Beach on the weekend. The hares have been causing havoc to Western Australian canines for several years, however unfortunately [...]

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Are you midway through competition and feel that your horse is getting stiff, having joint swellings or a change in gait? Or perhaps could just be that little bit more supple/flexible? Would you like to support your horse’s overall joint health? We at Midwest Veterinary Centre currently have an offer on the purchase of the [...]

Big bones, little bones, cooked bones, raw bones, neck bones, leg bones… never really funny bones.

Meet Sage, Sage is a 2 year old bull terrier.  Sage is quite naughty and likes to eat things she shouldn’t (such as a whole deer hide rug).  However on this occasion she was fed a large raw marrow bone, and in her rush to eat it she managed to swallow all of the joint [...]

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