Polly the Pomeranian gets her teeth cleaned.

Meet Polly the Pomeranian.

Apart from being ridiculously cute, Polly had grade 3 dental disease.  This caused Polly to have really smelly breath, inflammation of her gums and a few rotten teeth.  Polly underwent a general anaesthetic and had a scale and polish of her teeth, where a few of them had to be removed.

With a special dental diet and having her teeth brushed daily hopefully Polly won’t require another dental in the near future.

Before dental:

Polly before

After dental:

Polly after

If your dog has bad breath, please book an appointment at Midwest Vet Centre where we can provide advice about appropriate treatment options.


One Response to Polly the Pomeranian gets her teeth cleaned.

  1. Roslyn O'Leary June 3, 2015 at 10:58 am #

    I wish to thank All the Staff concerned with Polly's Surgery. She is now nearly a 100 per cent again now. She is a beautiful pure Breed Pomeranian. She only arrived By plane from Perth on Monday 25th of May. From Top Breeders In Perth. She is & Australian Champion. Once thanks again. Ros O'Leary.