The Cat Advocates in our team have taken over the back room and have introduced some awesome new Cat Friendly changes to Midwest Veterinary Centre. In the interests of reducing stress for our cat (and dog!) patients, we have created a separate Cat-Only ward. Follow our photo journey below of the exciting process.

First step, start finding new homes for equipment and clearing out the clutter

Then for the plumber to remove the old basin and shower

Then to remove the old tiles

The walls were then patched and painted by our good friends at New Millennium Painting

Next onto new flooring by Choices Flooring, with Dora continuing to supervise the workers

In our effort to be more water conscious, we replaced our old damaged toilet with a water-saving and space-saving dual basin and toilet

The most exciting part: Our custom-sized Therian Cat Condos finally have arrived!

Dora was the very first (of course) to try out the new condos

With the Dora paw of approval, our feline patients are already moving in

Our new Cat Ward is a big step towards our goal of achieving Gold Standard ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic certification . We’ll keep you in the loop with our future cat-friendly improvements!

Not crazy about cats? Never fear! We have even more improvements to the clinic to share with you over the next few weeks. These changes will improve the diagnosis and treatment of all of our patients and help to continue to provide you with the latest and greatest care.