Cats hate cats that trespass on their territory, male or female, young or geriatric. They will do whatever it takes to make that pesky stray get off their to speak. This mostly involves BITING and SCRATCHING.

Cat bites can cause abcesses

Cat bites are horrible. Cats really do have some of the nastiest mouths going around and even cats with sparkly, shiny, white, clean teeth still have horrible bacteria such as Pasturella and Bartonella lurking around. This means that whenever cats bite each other more often than not they develop large swellings which are usually abcesses. These can be very large swellings, and are often quite painful. They need immediate attention and most require thorough cleaning, pain relief and antibiotics. Really severe cases may require a general anaesthetic and surgery to help repair the damage caused by the abscess.

Cat bites can transmit Feline AIDS

One of the worst results of a cat bite is the transmission of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, otherwise known as Feline AIDS! It affects the cat in a similar way that human AIDS affects people. If a cat infected with Feline AIDS becomes sick with something such as a simple wound, it may never heal and may become further infected which can result in the cats death. A normal healthy cat would recover from a simple wound. This is the reason Feline AIDS is such a problem.

How to prevent cat bites & Feline AIDS

There are several ways to prevent cat bites and Feline AIDS.

  1. Firstly if cats are desexed they are much less likely to fight one another.
  2. Secondly there is a vaccination now available to protect cats from contracting Feline Aids.

If your cat is not desexed and not vaccinated against Feline AIDS then please contact us at Midwest Vets.