Did you know there is no cure for Calicivirus?

Did you know that Calicivirus can be spread not only by wild rabbits, but also by flies, fleas and mosquitoes?

Did you know that your rabbit needs to be vaccinated against Calicivirus every 6 months?

Did you know a new strain of Calicirius is about to be released into Western Australia?

Rabbit Calicivirus is a nasty disease which damages the rabbit’s internal organs such as the liver and gut, and can also cause haemorrhage or bleeding.  If you notice your rabbit not eating as well as normal or maybe some bleeding, a vet check is urgent as these can be symptoms of the Calicivius. The disease can progress very quickly and is often fatal.

It’s not all doom and gloom; there is a vaccination available! We recommend 6 monthly boosters for your pet rabbit, even if they are indoor only, because it is so contagious. Our rabbit vaccinations cost $78 and include a full health check of your bunny, including teeth, nails, ears and eyes. This health check also gives you the opportunity to discuss your rabbit’s general health, diet, housing and when your bunny is due for sterilisation.

Has your bunny never been vaccinated before? That’s no problem either. We can vaccinate them right away, and then they require a second booster shot four weeks later. After that, it’s every 6 months for their lifetime. For bunnies that are vaccinated at Midwest Vet Centre with Dr Lucy on Monday 27th March, we are offering a 10% discount. Dr Lucy is passionate about rabbit health care and is always excited to meet new bunnies! Call the clinic on 99643 671 to make your appointment now!

* 10% discount only applicable for Monday 27th March 2017