Individual Animal & Herd Health Assessments

  • We have a fully stocked van and trailer that we can use to perform full health checks on property of a range of species. Our team of vets are trained to deal with any species of animal – pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, goats, alpacas and poultry.
  • We offer farm visits to assess general herd health. We will be assessing general body condition and health status of the herd, nutrition on offer, the environment and farm management practices to help you run a more productive enterprise.
  • Our vets are available 24/7 for any emergencies, our mobile equine crush allows us to safely perform procedures if you don’t have the facilities available.


  • Parasites can be detrimental to animal health. We offer faecal collection to send away to the lab to run faecal egg counts. We can either come to your property or you can bring the faecal sample in to the clinic. Our team of vets can also offer advice on worming protocols for a range of species.

Minor field surgeries

  • Our team of vets can perform surgeries in the field, including but not limited to: eye removals, repair of abscesses, castration, lump removals. We have trained nurses to assist with all procedures on property.

Reproduction Services

  • We can assist in calving and lambing difficulties. Including but not limited to: breech births, caesareans, prolapse repairs (vaginal and rectal), uterine infections and retained foetal membranes.
  • Our vets can perform manual pregnancy testing. This can improve your productivity of your farming enterprise by tightening your calving period and reducing the number of infertile cows in your herd.

Ram health

  • We offer services to optimise ram health including brucellosis testing, general health checks, sedation for shearing and hoof trimming.

Lameness exams including hoof trimming (sheep and goats)

  • We can perform basic hoof health care and trimming. Hoof health is vital to improve performance of stud animals and improve animal welfare of pet farm animals.

Post mortems & Disease Investigation

  • Our team of vets are trained to perform post mortems on all species, which can be performed at the clinic or in the field. This is helpful to determine cause of deaths in your herd and to prevent further deaths of other animals.
  • We work closely with the department of Agriculture to ensure diseases and sudden deaths are closely monitored. We can perform investigations on property for certain diseases, in which you can claim a rebate from the department of agriculture. We assist you with the rebates and paperwork making the process easy for you. You can visit their website here.

Sheep dog health and performance assessments

  • We can assess your working dogs and make sure they are in great health. We can also vaccinate your dogs on property.