Keeping a patient safe whilst under anaesthesia is a crucial part of surgery for our vet nurses and vets. For our smaller patients like cats and rabbits, it can be a bit trickier and the ET tubes used (similar to what are used in human medicine, that are inserted down the airway) can be too big or long, and hard to place correctly.

We’re so excited to be able to offer a safer alternative with our brand new V-Gel airway devices! These tubes are specifically designed for cats and rabbits by vets, and are made from a much softer gel material that is less likely to cause any damage when being inserted for surgery.

Why we choose to use V-Gel

  • Is 16 times easier for the patient to breathe through than an ET tube
  • Is very fast and easy to use (huge benefit when in an emergency)
  • Does not damage the trachea (airway)
  • Does not cause the patient to cough, gag or laryngeal spasm after surgery like the ET tube sometimes can
  • Much nicer ‘recovery’ with the patient being more calmer and comfortable whilst waking up
  • Much easier to perform dental procedures. Meaning quicker procedure time, meaning less time your pet is under anaesthetic
  • Used by specialists like Perth Cat Hospital and Unusual Pet Vets Perth

Thank you to ‘Kitty’ for being such a good sport and allowing us to photograph her whilst she was still sleepy waking up from surgery.

Below are two videos showing the v-gel in use during a rabbit and a cat dental procedure. Caution if you are a little squeamish, as these videos do show dental extractions.