Equine Services

All of our veterinary surgeons are experienced and competent equine clinicians.  Due to this we are able to offer you and your horse a variety of services.

Digital Radiography

  • We have a state of the art, brand new, portable, wireless x-ray system.
  • This system produces images instantaneously allowing quick interpretation and diagnosis on site.
  • We can image the head, neck, limbs and feet of adult horses and are able to image all areas of a young foal.

Equine Dentistry

  • All of our vets are experienced and competent at equine dentistry.
  • Our mobile crush allows dentals to be performed safely at your property.
  • We have brand new electric power float that enables us to deal with more complicated cases.
  • When dealing with fractious horses we are able administer sedation to make the experience less of an ordeal.
  • We perform: Wolf teeth removal, removal of dental caps, general rasping of sharp points, geriatric care and dental radiography (x-rays).

Equine Reproductive Exams

  • Our mobile crush enables us to come to your property to perform safe reproductive examinations.
  • Using our portable ultrasonography machine and rectal probe we are able to check for: pregnancy (from 14 days post covering), twins, ovulation for controlled/timed matings, placentitis and problem mares.
  • We are able to perform routine pre-mating swabs (clitoral), and vaginal/cervical/uterine swabs when necessary.
  • Uterine lavages are easily performed in the crush for those problem mares.
  • We are able to provide pregnancy certificates on request.

Equine Ultrasonography

We have a portable, high quality ultrasound machine that we use for tendon scans, pregnancy scans and for other medical conditions.

Equine Surgery

We are able to perform a variety of surgeries at your property, more complex surgeries are usually referred to Murdoch Equine Hospital in Perth.

An example of surgeries we are able to perform in the field are as follows:

  • Castrations
  • Umbilical hernia repairs
  • Check ligament desmotomies (for foals with contracted tendons)
  • Enucleation (eye removal surgery)
  • Lump removals (cancerous growths, cysts etc)
  • Trauma stitch ups
  • Wound debridement
  • Eye surgeries: corneal grafts, squamous cell carcinoma removal (3rd eyelid), contact lens placement, tarsorrhaphy, placement of eye lavage systems.

Respiratory Scope, Tracheal Washes and Bronchiolar Lavage

  • We have a large scope which enables us to visualise many structures of the head and respiratory system of the horse.
  • Laryngeal scopes allows visualisation of the arytenoid cartilages, the epiglottis and the soft palate to look for any functional or gross abnormalities that can sometimes result in poor performance and strange breathing/roaring noises.
  • Sinus scoping allows us to visualise the many cavities within the horses head and also allows us access to the guttural pouches where we can look for infection, growths, tumours, ethmoidal haematomas etc.
  • Tracheal washes and bronchiolar lavages are performed easily in the crush and are used to look for abnormal cells/infection/bleeding.

ECG (Echocardiogram)

We have a portable ECG that enables us to do basic cardiac (heart) work ups on poorly performing horses, or those horses who have had an abnormal heart rhythm picked up by a vet on auscultation.

Equine Medicine

  • We have a new IDEXX blood machine that allows us to run bloods in less than 20minutes, which makes for quick diagnosis of those critically ill patients. Also having this on site helps figure out why certain horses are not performing as well as they should be.
  • We have a microscope that is linked via video to a computer which allows us to perform cytology (view smears on belly taps (sever colics), joint taps, wounds, lumps etc), and if we are unsure we are able to send images via email to specialist pathologists, making for a very quick turnaround for results.

Lameness Work Ups and Joint Injections

  • We are able to provide general lameness work ups including performing nerve and joint blocks to allow us to pin-point the site of lameness, along with our portable diagnostic imaging equipment mentioned previously.
  • We are available for joint injections and are a keen advocate for the use of IRAP.

Preventative Medicine

  • Routine sand drenching (stomach tubing)
  • Vaccinations – Tetanus, Strangles, Hendra and Equine Herpes Virus

The exact vaccine protocol you should follow depends on your horse’s age, the kind of stabling, intended activities and more. You should also consult your vet about needs regarding your specific locality.

Other Equine Services

  • Freeze branding
  • Microchipping
  • Veterinary certificates for RWWA and pregnancy
  • Australian Stud book DNA testing
  • Pre-purchase examinations

All our veterinarians provide veterinary services to Geraldton Turf Club on race days, caring for competing thoroughbreds.