Owner Services

Annual Vaccination Reminders

We aim to send out vaccination reminders a couple of months before the boosters are due to give you time to arrange a convenient appointment.

Pet Insurance

It is hard to have to say goodbye to a loved pet, especially if the decision is based on financial considerations. New innovations in veterinary medicine have allowed more advanced treatment for your pet but this has also increased the cost of these procedures. Why risk the dilemma of expensive treatment or euthanasia of a loved pet when insurance is available.

Our team are happy to provide you with information on insurance providers just phone or drop in to see us.

Payment Policy

All Costs incurred with any procedures/consultations are to be paid in full on the day.


Vaccinations and Desexing are the only procedures we can give a quote or exact price on over the phone or counter. If you wish to get an ESTIMATE on any other procedures, it is just this, an estimate. An estimate is just a rough guideline for you to have some idea of how much it will cost.

There are many factors that can contribute to a fluctuation in price: time, drugs, type of operation, staff required, anaesthetic time, hospitalisation etc