Spay & Neuter Service

At Midwest Vet Centre, we perform safe and effective spay and neuter procedures for dogs and cats. Spaying or neutering your pet is important for two main reasons. First, it helps curb the amount of dogs and cats that are homeless – millions are euthanized each year for this reason. Second, it has important health and behavioral benefits for your pet. It reduces aggression, and even lowers incidences of some cancers. We take your trust seriously, and will make sure your dog or cat receives truly wonderful and compassionate care.

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A huge thanks to Pete, Annika and all the staff at Midwest vets for the great effort in saving baby Tyson. This is the second time you have gone above and beyond for us, it is hugely appreciated. You are amazingly caring, thank you.


Without this wonderful crew my fur baby wouldn’t be alive to travel around Australia with us at the end of the year… there are no words to describe how lucky we are to have found this Vet Centre. Staff are truly amazing & beautiful and the service you receive, definitely can not fault it.


I just love taking my four legged friends here, the staff are always warm and welcoming. They are professional and very compassionate about every single animal and they treat each one as if they were their own. I especially love being greeted by Casey and so do my animals, as she almost always gives them a little sneaky treat. Keep up the good work guys!


What To Expect

The first step is to give us a call to schedule your visit!

During your visit, we will ask about your pet’s history, run tests to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery, and explain what happens during the procedure.

During the procedure itself, your pet’s vitals will be monitored by trained professionals, and we will use modern technology to make sure the procedure is safe and effective.

Once your pet is done, we will advise you on after-care instructions, and will answer any questions you might have!